We have far too many guns in America. They are too easy to obtain and too easy to use. Guns are responsible for many deaths and injuries every year. Not only do we have too many guns, we have too many of the wrong kind. An assault rifle is not a gun. It is a weapon. One of the things I was taught in boot camp was guns are for fun, weapons are for killing.

While I would not want to violate anyone’s Constitutional right to own a gun, it seems we’re a little crazy as a society to have let guns proliferate as they have. Aren’t we completely nuts to sell assault rifles to way we do?

There are many Christians, and others, who own guns and use them safely. In light of the massacres (Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Aurora and Columbine, Colorado), and all the accidental deaths and injuries caused by guns, shouldn’t guns be better regulated, and assault rifles completely banned?

As citizens or Christians, are we willing to give up some of our rights in this area if it will save lives of children and adults, and spare hundreds of families from grief and sorrow? Are we our brother’s keeper?