As she looked upon the small bundle in its mother’s arms, the woman asked, “May I see your baby?” She was saddened by what she saw. “How old is it?” she asked. The mother answered sadly, “He’s five years old.”  There was a long silence, then the woman walked away. It is tragic to see a baby who didn’t grow.


Also, it is tragic to see Christians who don’t grow. They have been born into the family of God, but they haven’t grown an inch. God wants all of his children to grow up like Christ in everything. Growing in Christ doesn’t just happen. We must make up our minds to grow. Then, we must pray for Christ’s guidance and help.


Growing in Christ involves several things. Participation in church is one of them. The church is God’s body on earth. It has many parts, each with its own function. Every Christian has a place in that body. One who doesn’t go to church is like a severed finger, or a hand.


Daily Bible reading and prayer, and keeping a journal will help us grow. But the best thing we can do is practice Christianity. Take it out into the streets. Practice the teachings of Christ, love God, love your neighbor, do good to everyone. When he calls us, answer. When he challenges us, take up the challenge. Doers grow much faster than talkers. In this journey remember, “Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you” (James 4:8).