Today, our country is deeply divided and fragmented. It is Republicans versus Democrats, conservatives versus liberals, religious versus non-religious, and on and on it goes.

Some media have contributed to these problems. Certain television news channels, instead of reporting factually and fairly have become little more than propaganda stations. They add to the divisions and the hatred. Any time someone has to be on the air 24/7, there is too much talk. That leads to exaggeration, distortion of facts, and sometimes, just plain lying.

In addition, the media is constantly under the pressure of keeping up ratings and not losing market share. Some do this by sensationalizing the news, even when it is rather dull. Others stir up people emotionally in order to get or keep an audience. One of the largest broadcasters in Denver had a sign on their main microphone that read, “Make someone angry today!”

Call-in radio programs contribute to the problems as well. Anyone can get on the radio, no matter how ignorant, uninformed, or hate filled they may be. Sadly, some people believe that because someone is on the radio, they are an expert. Being on the air doesn’t make you an expert anymore than being in a hanger will make you an airplane.

Individuals often are caught up in these divisions and hate talk, making bad situations even worse. We can be thankful that we live in a free country, and that we have freedom of speech. However, we should always remember that our freedoms are to use, not to abuse.