“WHAT WILL I DO WITH JESUS (Matthew 27:22)?

 Life is filled with many important questions. As a nation, many of us are asking these questions:  Is the economic crisis over? When will we be able to find work again? When will be bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan? As individuals, many of us are asking do I need to change occupations? Should I go back to school? Will the company I work for survive, providing me employment for as long as I need to work? Will I run out of money before I run out of life?

All these questions are important, but a Roman governor named Pilate asked life’s greatest question many years ago. He asked, “What will I do with Jesus?”

It is life’s greatest question because the way we answer it will determinate the quality of our lives. With Christ, life has peace, happiness, meaning, and purpose. We become members of the family of God, and we can enjoy fellowship with Him and His people. Without Him, life can be very bad.

Not only does the way we answer that question determine our happiness and satisfaction in this life, it determines our destiny for eternity. Jesus Christ is the door to heaven. He is the straight and narrow way. If we reject Him, we have no way. We need to ask ourselves personally, “What have I done with Jesus?”