Monthly Archives: February 2015


“. . .for the Lord comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones”
(Isa. 49:13b).

“My son is dead! My son is dead! She kept repeating that over and over again. No one could calm her or console her, though several tried. Her son was in his mid-twenties, working, but still living at home. She found his body early that morning. He had overdosed on heroin and fallen face first on the floor, breaking his nose, and dying there. It wasn’t a pretty sight.
The need for comfort is widespread. Each of us needs it at one time or another. We all suffer losses. If we live long enough, we lose our parents, many of our friends, and sometimes even our children. But death is not the only way we suffer loss. It often comes to us through the loss of a job or profession, or the loss of health, or the loss of our strength and abilities.
God is not unaware of our suffering. He tries to comfort us in many ways. God uses people. People who come to us expressing love and concern, putting their arms around us, and trying to comfort us through their words. The less bold ones comfort and strengthen us by simply being there. God often gives us comfort through the Bible, if we search for it (Ps. 119:76; Isa. 49:13; Ps. 30:4b). Sometimes God himself does the comforting through a deep inner contact which may come to us through prayer, or simply listening for his voice.
Some of us need to learn how to receive comfort. We (particularly men) are taught to be strong, never show weakness, or need of anyone’s help—“Keep your chin up,” “stiff upper lip,” and all that rot. It is rot! All of us need God and each other.
My prayer for you, when tragedy comes your way, and sadly it will, is that you will be open to God and able to receive the comfort he can give.