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“Owe no man anything, but to love one another…” (Romans 13:8).

Joe Father was worried about his children. They were grown. They had children of their own. Both of them worked. They appeared to have a good marriage but one thing bothered Joe. About every two or three months, his daughter would call him. She would make small talk for a while, talking about the kids, work, etc., but eventually she would get to the main point. “Dad, we’ve got a couple of bills that we can’t pay. Could you help us out?” Joe was sympathetic to his daughter and her young struggling family and said, “Don’t worry about it; I will give you the money to help cover your bills this month.”

However, that did not solve the young couple’s financial problems. A month or two later, she called again with the same request and Joe told her the same thing again. This happened three or four times. Then it dawned on Joe that he was not helping his daughter or her family by giving her money. Each time he gave it to her, she spent it and a few weeks later, she needed help again. Joe decided to find out what their problem was; why didn’t they make enough money to pay their bills? He began to ask his daughter about her debts; who did she owe; where did her money go.

What Joe discovered was startling. His daughter and her husband had the same bills as most young struggling families—rent, electricity, gas, water, food, and two car payments (they both worked). The additional debt had caused the problem. They had discovered the wonderful invention of the credit card. At some time in the past, not having enough money to pay one of their bills, they charged it on a credit card. Once they started charging, it was an easy way to pay those tough bills each month. Soon one credit card was too high so they applied for additional cards.

After a few years, numerous credit cards had their names on them and the payments on one or two were very high. Some months they had to charge money on one credit card to pay another. All the while, they were getting deeper and deeper in debt.

Joe’s father finally got a little backbone. He told his daughter that giving her money didn’t help; therefore, he wouldn’t be giving her any more. He told her he loved her and that he would tell her how to get out of debt and stay out of it. The first thing he said was “get rid of your credit cards, cut them up, shred them, burn them or whatever it takes. Start with the credit card with the lowest balance and pay it off. Then take on the next lowest and pay it off, and on and on until they’re all paid off. If you think you can resist the temptation, keep one credit card for emergencies, and keep a zero balance on it by paying it off as soon as the bill arrives.”

What happened was amazing. They actually listened to Joe Father. Son-in-law took a second job to help pay off the cards. Within a year, they were virtually debt free.

It is sad that people don’t know or practice Biblical principles of money management. One of the principles that stands out clearly is “Don’t borrow” (Deut.15:6; Proverbs 22:7). How many credit cards do you have?



There are at least nine reasons why every citizen in Alabama should rise up and fight against gambling and those who are pushing for it.
1. Gambling corrupts politicians. Don’t we have enough of these already?
2. Gambling imports and generates crime (stealing, embezzlement, robbery, etc.). Wherever there is big money, there will be big crime.
3. Gambling made legal does not control it. In fact, it helps it grow.
4. Gambling, like drugs, hooks both people (15 million) and governments.
5. Gambling does not improve areas in the long run. Costs often exceed benefits.
6. Gambling makes the poor poorer, and the rich richer.
7. Gambling increases the number of people who need help from the government (welfare, food stamps, etc.)
8. Gambling, like other additions, destroys families. Innocent people (spouses, children, are hurt by it. Between 15-20 million Americans have problems with it, or are addicted to it.
9. Gambling is a sin. Work is God’s way to provide for ourselves and our families (2 Thessalonians 3:6-12; I Timothy 5:8).
Do we really need more reasons? Let’s stand up for Alabama and reject gambling, and any who advocate it—and let’s do it now!