There are at least nine reasons why every citizen in Alabama should rise up and fight against gambling and those who are pushing for it.
1. Gambling corrupts politicians. Don’t we have enough of these already?
2. Gambling imports and generates crime (stealing, embezzlement, robbery, etc.). Wherever there is big money, there will be big crime.
3. Gambling made legal does not control it. In fact, it helps it grow.
4. Gambling, like drugs, hooks both people (15 million) and governments.
5. Gambling does not improve areas in the long run. Costs often exceed benefits.
6. Gambling makes the poor poorer, and the rich richer.
7. Gambling increases the number of people who need help from the government (welfare, food stamps, etc.)
8. Gambling, like other additions, destroys families. Innocent people (spouses, children, are hurt by it. Between 15-20 million Americans have problems with it, or are addicted to it.
9. Gambling is a sin. Work is God’s way to provide for ourselves and our families (2 Thessalonians 3:6-12; I Timothy 5:8).
Do we really need more reasons? Let’s stand up for Alabama and reject gambling, and any who advocate it—and let’s do it now!