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If you don’t have a college degree—you have a problem. More and more employers are requiring degrees. Sure, you can work at McDonald’s or Burger King or be a greeter at Walmart. But is that what you really want? Why not make big money and be all you can be?


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This book, How to Get a College Degree is unique in that it is easy to read, is small in the number of pages, but large in the number of questions it answers—questions like:

  • How do I choose the right school and major?
  • Which majors pay the best? (Don’t get a degree for which there is no demand).
  • How do I get in? (The Admissions Process).
  • How do I pay for my education (Or get grants, scholarships, or loan forgiveness)?
  • How do I choose the right classes?
  • How do I manage my time?
  • How do I develop good study habits?
  • How do I make good grades on tests?

You’ll get answers to these questions and many more.

Once you have your degree, you will benefit in many ways:

  1. You will make more money. (At least 2x more than high school grads)
  2. You will have more job opportunities.
  3. You will be less dependent on others.
  4. You will be better prepared to cope with hard times.
  5. You will be a more confident person.
  6. You will have future opportunities available to you in ways that can’t even be imagined now.

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You have little to lose and much to gain. Don’t worry about it—just do it.

Want to be a blessing to one of your children, grandchildren, a relative, a friend, or the kid down the street? Give this book as a gift. It could make a big difference in their lives.



Hundreds of thousands of Alabamians are unhappy with our political leadership.

Several factors have contributed to this condition and to Alabama recently receiving the shameful recognition of being the 4th most corrupt state in America.

The greatest reason for this is too much power has been invested in too few people for far too long. Power corrupts and total power brings total corruption.

Alabama is a one-party state. That means that there are few checks and balances in our political processes. We are a state that is governed by a good ole boy system, with few exceptions. Making it worse is the fact that we have a good ole boy group within the good ole boy system. Many have a greater loyalty to their party than to the people who elected them.

The good ole boy party stays in power by playing dirty. They use their power unfairly to take advantage in elections. They do all they can to make voter registration and voting hard for ordinary citizens. They create stringent registration requirements and make voting days and hours difficult for working people. They try to excuse this by saying they are trying to stop voter fraud. That’s just not true. There has proven to be so little voter fraud in Alabama and the U.S. that investigating it is not worth the time or the money. They are simply trying to prevent the working class, the poor, and minorities from voting. Sadly, they have been successful for several years.

Gerrymandering is another way they cheat in elections. They (the Republicans) draw voting districts in such a way that their opposition is divided and weakened and they are strengthened. This has gone on for years and happened again recently. Many of us are absolutely amazed that the recent redistricting plan submitted by the Alabama legislature was approved by a three-judge federal court (Judges Bill Pryor, Myron Thompson, and Keith Watkins). Under this plan, House Districts 5, 14, and 16, all three which are part of Jefferson County, are represented by white Republicans who live in other counties. This is outrageous! We thought courts were supposed to dispense justice. Something is very wrong (illegal?) about this.

Another problem in our state is the Democratic Party. They have been gridlocked in a power struggle for years, unable to produce a viable candidate, and for all intents and purposes totally useless.

One of the greatest factors in the poor quality of our political leaders is we the people. We have tolerated it. Some of us don’t vote because we have given up on the system. Some of us vote the same good ole boys in office because we are uninformed on the issues and the people. It isn’t covered on Fox News. Whatever the excuse is, it’s not good enough. Evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

This year’s race for the U.S. Senate offers us a rare opportunity to improve our system. There is an outsider running. He’s not a good ole boy. He’s not a part of Alabama’s dominant party. His name is Doug Jones, and he offers the citizens of our state a rare opportunity to improve our government. If you want change, if you want better government—vote for him on December 12th!


The image of the State of Alabama has been irreparably damaged by the Roy Moore mess. Our state has become the butt of jokes by late night talk show hosts, and the press. This will hurt the State both now and in the future. Business and industry will not want to locate in such a state and many of our brightest and best will not want to be identified as Alabamians.

We can observe many ugly things in this mess, some of which exists in other states.

  • We are a divided state. Different mentalities exist. There is a rural vs urban mentality, and educated vs uneducated mentality, a fortress mentality and a hero mentality. The fortress mentality exists among small groups believing that they must stick together and take up for each other. They believe they are right and all others are wrong, and that people are out to get them. Most of their enemies are only imagined. They call that paranoia. Some people are always looking for heroes. Why do you think Roy Moore dresses like a cowboy, and flashes his little pistol? These are shades of John Wayne and Roy Rogers. The era of the cowboy passed long ago. Cowboy heroes were mostly creations of Hollywood.
  • Trump style corruption has been contagious. Moore supporters take the position that the press is against them, taking up one of Trump’s terms, they call the media “Fake News.” Like Trump, they want to control the news. They come out, read statements expressing their opinions, and quickly escape refusing to answer questions from the press. That’s not fair or just. Perhaps the press should stipulate “we will not cover your event unless you answer our questions.”
  • Some religious leaders shame the faith. They undoubtedly have become a part of partisan politics and the fortress mentality, and they love to see themselves on TV. They manage to position themselves behind or alongside major speakers where everyone can see them Shame on them. People of real faith do not use God to further their purposes. They allow God to use them to further His.
  • Some people put party before principle. With them, it’s my party, right or wrong. If he is a Republican, I must support him. That is not true. That same kind of belief brought Adolph Hitler to power. Do the right thing!

It was surprising to hear Governor Kay Ivey say she believed the women who accused Moore of harassing and molesting them, but she had to support Moore because he is a Republican, and the Republicans need one more senator. She lost the respect of many Alabamians when she said that. Some people have forgotten who the real victims in this mess are. Roy Moore is not one. If you feel sorry for him, your sympathy is misplaced. His past is simply catching up with him.

The real victims are the women and young girls that he groped or molested. If you are a parent of young girls, ask yourself how would you feel if some man did to one of your children what women are testifying that Roy Moore did to them.

This mess needs to be settled and settled quickly—not in the court of public opinion, but in a court of law. But let’s be sure the judge is fair and impartial, not one who puts his/her political party above the law.



There is so much information and misinformation in America that many of us do not know who our friends are.

Real friends are known by what they do, not what they say. In that respect, we need to ask a few questions of the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Are they our friends when they are working hard and fast to pass a Tax Reform Bill which will:

  • Give huge, permanent tax cuts to millionaires, and large corporations at the expense of working families?
  • Increase the taxes on people making less than $75k a year?
  • Leave 13 million Americans without health insurance?
  • Raise the cost of health insurance premiums?
  • Force hospitals in rural areas to close?
  • Make nursing home care impossible for thousands of our old people?

With friends like these, who needs enemies!

Adding insult to injury, the people trying to pass this horrible legislation love to applaud themselves, pat each other on the back, and take group pictures with them smiling and laughing.

Call Senator Richard Shelby and Senator Luther Strange and ask them to vote “No” on this bill. After all, they are our friends, aren’t they?