There is so much information and misinformation in America that many of us do not know who our friends are.

Real friends are known by what they do, not what they say. In that respect, we need to ask a few questions of the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Are they our friends when they are working hard and fast to pass a Tax Reform Bill which will:

  • Give huge, permanent tax cuts to millionaires, and large corporations at the expense of working families?
  • Increase the taxes on people making less than $75k a year?
  • Leave 13 million Americans without health insurance?
  • Raise the cost of health insurance premiums?
  • Force hospitals in rural areas to close?
  • Make nursing home care impossible for thousands of our old people?

With friends like these, who needs enemies!

Adding insult to injury, the people trying to pass this horrible legislation love to applaud themselves, pat each other on the back, and take group pictures with them smiling and laughing.

Call Senator Richard Shelby and Senator Luther Strange and ask them to vote “No” on this bill. After all, they are our friends, aren’t they?