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Read Galatians 5:1-13

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then, and do

not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery

–Galatians 5:1


On July 4, 2012, we celebrate our freedom as a nation. It is wonderful to live in a free country and no country is freer than America. Among the freest of the free are Christians. Christians not only enjoy the freedom of government, they enjoy the personal freedom that Christ alone can give. As Christians, we have been set free from the law and the power, punishment, and guilt of sin. We are saved by grace through faith. It is not of our own doing. It is the free gift of God. We cannot work for it or earn it. We cannot buy it. We can only receive it as a gift from Jesus Christ.

This wonderful freedom that we enjoy can be lost if we aren’t careful. We can lose our freedom by becoming legalistic. That means we have a set of rules we live by. We believe that if we keep all the rules, we are OK with God, and if we don’t, we aren’t. Legalism builds pride in us, makes us think we’re better than other people, and robs us of our abilities to be non-judgmental, compassionate, forgiving, and kind. Living by the law makes us legalistic. Living by grace makes us Christian.

We can lose our freedom by lapsing back into the sin that Jesus saved us from. God’s Word finds this so disgusting that it compares it to a dog returning to its vomit (Proverbs 26:11). The call to become a Christian is a call to come forward—never to go back.

Let us be diligent not to lose the freedom Christ suffered and died to give us. Do we still have Christ’s freedom?  If so, don’t lose it.