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“Will there not be peace and security in my lifetime” (2 Kings 21:19)?


            All civilized people long for peace in the world. We long for an end to the horrible maiming, mutilation, and death that wars bring, and to the experiences that twist men’s minds, and leave them to be haunted by fearful nightmares. We long for the day to end when our patriotic young people return to their homeland in flag-draped caskets, when we hear taps echoing across lonely cemeteries, and we see tears streaming down the cheeks of young wives, mothers, and children.

            We long for the day to come when the billions of dollars spent on war can be used to provide health care, food and shelter for the needy, education and training, and job opportunities for all those willing and able to work.

            We long for peace in the hearts of people all over the world. Some people’s greatest conflict is within themselves. They are filled with guilt, fear, and worry; however, they need not feel this way. The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, offers His peace to all. The Hebrew word “peace” in Isaiah 9:6 is the word “shalom.” Shalom means more than just the absence of conflict. It means the rich, harmonious, joyful life of those privileged to live in God’s kingdom. To have Christ is to have peace.

            God’s Word tells us that as long as the world stands there shall be wars and rumors of wars. There is little, if anything, an individual can do to change that; however, every human being can enjoy the peace that God gives. It is personal, and it passes all understanding. It is a peace that one can have even in the midst of the storm. Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27).

The peace of Christ be with you.

Dr. Robert Wilkerson is a minister, writer, and founder of People For the Christian Way, an organization whose mission is to encourage all people to practice Christian principles in business, politics, and every area of life.  drbobwilkerson@bellsouth.net, https://www.facebook.com/People.For.The.Christian.Way



“. . . seek peace and pursue it” (Psalm 34:14)


August 14 is the day Japan surrendered and WWII ended, and what a glorious day it was. Although only a child, I remember it well. I climbed into the back seat of the family’s sedan, and off we went to downtown Birmingham. The sights along the way were amazing. People came out of their homes and businesses, met on the sidewalks, hugged each other, and shouted with joy, many danced in the streets. The joy was unbridled. On the way, I saw one heavy-set woman lying on her front porch, rolling back and forth, praising, and thanking God.

Downtown was a mess. The streets were filled with cars, bumper to bumper with people blowing their horns. People were shouting and waving at each other. The ticker tape thrown from the buildings was so thick it looked like a snowstorm.

Great joy naturally followed the hard war years during which Americans sacrificed. Almost every home in America had a family member in the military (husbands, sons, daughters, uncles, and aunts). The war took the lives of 291,557 Americans. It was the costliest one in our history.

Jesus said as long as the world stands, there would be wars (Matthew 24:6-8). However, he did not say we (Americans or Christians) had to be involved in all of them. On the contrary, He tells us to seek peace and pursue it (Psalm 34:14). Let us pray for peace and for leaders who will pursue peace, not war.

Dr. Robert Wilkerson is a minister, writer, and founder of People for the Christian Way, an organization whose mission is to encourage all people to practice Christian principles in business, politics, and every area of life. drbobwilkerson@bellsouth.net, http://www.people-for-the-christian-way.org

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Read Galatians 5:22-26

The fruit of the Spirit is love, peace, patience, kindness,

goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

-Galatians 5:22

            Several years ago, I car-pooled to college with two or three young men who were studying for the ministry, and a pastor’s wife who was studying to be a teacher. She and her husband were very close. They had five children and struggled financially. One day, without any previous illnesses or warnings, he died.


God gives us peace, which transcends all understanding.

As news of his death swept through the community, a group of people gathered in the pastorium to offer their support and prayers. Driving there, the tragedy of the event began to sink in. I wondered what she would do, how she would be able to raise the children alone. Would she be able to complete her studies? How long would it be before she and her children would have to move? Where would she go? What would she do? By the time I arrived, I was sad and upset.

Entering the house, I saw she was handling the situation better than I was. With a sweet smile and tear-filled eyes, she was going around the room, welcoming everyone, making them feel comfortable, expressing appreciation for their coming, and chatting briefly with them. There was no fear or worry in her. She radiated peace.

The peace she had was God given, but it is available to everyone who has faith and trusts in Jesus Christ.

Prayer:  Oh Lord, we thank you that you have given us a peace that does not depend on our circumstances.